Human Resources

İbraş Kaucuk Otomotiv A.Ş, which has continuously increased its success in the automotive sector with the principle of "customer satisfaction", also bases on this principle in its Human Resources management. We believe that the biggest share in the success and competitiveness of the company are employees, and we see our employees as our most valuable asset.

We structured all our Human Resources policies on the basis of creating a modern environment that gives importance to creativity and continuous improvement where employees participate in common goals. While our company realizes its strategic goals, it is one of the basic elements of our Human Resources policies to allow our employees to provide opportunities for their own development. With this awareness, our aim is to structure and maintain effective human resources systems that will increase the happiness and work efficiency of our employees in line with common goals, To reach a better future by implementing Human Resources policies in international standards we are giving great value of adoption of this policies  by the employees.

Our Human Resources Strategy:

We are pleased to work with everyone, who have a high standard of human resources understanding.

Selection and Placement:

The basic condition is that the knowledge and skills of the candidates applying to İbraş Kaucuk Automotive are compatible with the position. Evaluation is made by considering the education level, knowledge, skills and experience of the candidates. You can use to apply to İbraş Kaucuk Automotive.

Orientation Training and Fresh Start:

Newly recruited employees are begining their training activities with the "Orientation Program", which enables them to adapt to the company quickly and easily. The person who starts the job is taken into the orientation program that changes depending on the position.


Internship opportunities are provided to university and/or vocational school students within certain quotas.

Training and Development:

Our training goal at İbraş is to provide high standards of development and training opportunities to all our employees.

Believing in the principle of "Investing in people is the investment with the highest return", and to make a significant contribution to the continuity and increase of their effectiveness in the success of the company.

In order to maintain the competitivnes of our Company,  we are giving high priority  vocational training and personal development of our employees.

While we are using the modern human resources management applications to create a high-performance employee culture and awarenes of our employees personal development responsibilities.

Orientation Training: It is a training program in which general information about the company is given to our new employees.

Internal and External Training: These are the training programs organized inside/outside the company to improve the knowledge and skills of the personnel on subjects that require expertise.

Our Internal Trainings;

It consists of four groups:

  • Technical Skills Trainings,
  • Quality Systems Trainings,
  • Personal Development Trainings,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Trainings.

Our External Trainings;

It is carried out within the following year, in line with the training budget created at the end of the year with the demand, needs and approval of the department managers. In addition, unplanned trainings are also provided for all our employees within the framework of changing priorities and new needs throughout the year. On-the-job trainings: These are trainings that take place on technical issues according to the nature of the work performed by our employees. Which contains the practical information given in production, the evaluation of customer complaints and errors.

Vocational and Technical Trainings:

Skills and adaptation trainings/courses specified in the Vocational and Technical Education Law No. 3308

Motivational Activities

Sporting, cultural and social activities are organized as motivation actions, which are planned as a result of internal surveys.

  • Sport tournaments
  • Marriage and birth assistance
  • Ramadan Supply Support
  • Family Picnic Organizations

Suggestion System

To encourage improvement with small steps by capturing existing potentials within İBRAŞ, the Suggestion System is a key tool to support the Continuous Improvement System.

The suggestions made by the employees are regularly evaluated and rewarded to increase the motivation among employees and encourage teamwork and cooperation.

Wage Management:

The wage system at İbraş is based on a fair and competitive policy. The wage policy is reviewed every year, taking into account the researches conducted on the basis of the sector and the balances within the company.

In recruitment, the wage is determined as a result of the evaluation based on the competencies required by the position and the individuals, responsibilities on the job basis, education and work experience of the candidates.

Working Hours in İbraş

Working days of White Collar personnel are determined as Monday – Friday (5 days), working hours are between 07:30-17:30 on weekdays, 45 hours per week.

Working days of Blue Collar personnel in 2 shifts are determined as Monday - Friday (5 days), 45 hours per week over 9 hours per day.

  • Shift 07:30 – 17:30
  • Shift 22:00 – 07:30

Lunch Breaks

Twice a week, there is a tea break in the morning with pastry service.

One meal a day, in case of overtime, a second meal is provided.

Tea is served twice a day.

Health Service

Infirmary service is provided to solve the health problems of the employees.