Know How

Home Manufacturing

As a system parts manufacturer, İbraş produces products that comply with customer standards and quality. Based on our many years of experience, we continuously improve our production processes with the help of our competent employees and suppliers. We try to offer the most suitable solution to our customers by using a wide variety of processes from prototype production to volume mass production.


Rubber Compounding

To meet the growing demand for better performing, lighter and greener compounds, our R&D and compound production team  develop and manufacture rubber compounds to customer demands, with a focus on long-term value generation and sustainability.



We can produce reinforced and non-reinforced products in the rubber hose group in our modular continuous and dis-continuous extrusion lines. Thanks to our production flexibility, we can respond to our partners' demands positively for various production quantities, and we can make prototypes or mass production. We offer  solutions for various product groups in accordance with different standards, together with our single layer and multilayer solutions in pipes produced by plastic extrusion. We develop alternative fluid system parts for cleaner mobility using sustainable thermoplastic materials.





Injection Molding



Blow Molding

With the replacement of metals with plastics, it is possible to reduce vehicle weight, reduce component cost, as well as produce highly complex geometries, improving fuel consumption, heat resistance, durability, stability and reliability. Ibraş blow molding ducts cover the entire temperature range of air system parts from 80°C to 230°C using 2D blow molding and 3D suction blow molding techniques. Ibraş can process standard materials such as PP, TPV or PA for dirty or clean air ducts, as well as high temperature resistant plastic materials such as glass-reinforced PPS or special polyamides for charge air ducts. Blow molding provides cost savings, fuel savings, reductions in CO2 emissions and quality improvements