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Air Management System

Dirty/Clean Air Systems

Air management of engine starts from atmosphere to air filter which are connected by dirty air conduits. Rubber, fiber hoses and plastic ducts can be used to develop optimum solution for customers. Clean Air conduits are used between air filter and turbocharger which able to witstand up to -150 mbar vacuum pressure. Rubber hoses and plastic ducts are designed in terms of vacuum resistance, flexibility for assembly and vibration resistance.

From (-40) to (+180 oC) elastomer and termplastic solutions are available corresponds customer requiremets.


Charge Air Line Systems

Charged air circulates from turbo charger to air intake manifold over charge air cooler by plastic, metal ducts or rubber hoses. Intercooler inlet and outlet conduits can be used up to 220 oC withstand 3,5 bar relative pressure

  • Extruded Charge Air Hoses
  • Wrapped Charge Air Hoses
  • 3D Blow-Molded Ducts
  • 2D Injection-Molded Ducts
  • 3D Injection-Molded Ducts
  • Plastic System Components

With the replacement of metals with plastics, it is possible to reduce vehicle weight, reduce component cost, as well as produce highly complex geometries, improving fuel consumption, heat resistance, durability, stability and reliability. Ibraş blow molding ducts cover the entire temperature range of air system parts from 80°C to 230°C using 2D blow molding and 3D suction blow molding techniques. Ibraş can process standard materials such as PP, TPV or PA for dirty or clean air ducts, as well as high temperature resistant plastic materials such as glass-reinforced PPS or special polyamides for charge air ducts. Blow molding provides cost savings, fuel savings, reductions in CO2 emissions and quality improvements