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Heating and Cooling Systems

Ibras develops, designs and produces a variety of heating cooling lines. In addtion to over 40 years experience on rubber hoses from low to high  quantities production, plastic and metal tubes can be produce according to customer request. Connecting elements, quick connectors, temperature sensors can be applicable to the lines.

Sleeves for mechanical protection, heat protection, heat reflection, noise damping  and spacers diverse of different materiall fiber, plastic, rubber, metal, composite are resistant  to many chemicals  under severe conditions.

Ibraş  continuously develop hose and tube structures  for changing requirements  of vehicle technology  that meet pressure from vacuum  up to 3,5 bar  relative, temperature up to 200 oC.

Plastic pipes used in the heating cooling system are lighter than rubber hoses. Thanks to plastic pipes, it provides lower fuel consumption and the environmental impact of production can be reduced as well.

Fastenning  of all alternatives according to customer request and spesification are used such as hose clmaps of  spring band, worm drive, double wire, ear clip, Caillau

  • Extruded Rubber Hose
  • Wrapped Rubber Hose
  • Monolayer Extruded Plastic Tubes
  • Multilayer Extruded Plastic Tubes
  • 2D Injection Molded TPlastic ubes
  • 3D Injection Molded Plastic Tubes
  • 3D Blow Molded Plastic Tubes